A/C service

For climate device to work properly, it requires regular maintenance. Regular service of car climate includes cleaning ventilation ducts, antibacterial cleaning evaporator of air conditioning as well as replacing the filter interior.
Car climate service is recommended every 2 years. Replacing the filter interior is recommended for 1-2 times a year.

Regular maintenance of car climate device allows its proper operation which includes clean and fresh air in the cabin and the elimination of dust, grease, nicotine, odor, bacteria, microbes …

Regular service and maintenance of air conditioners
To ensure safe operation of the air conditioner in your car and to spare additional costs, it is necessary to regularly maintain the air system.
As the car needs regular maintenance and repair, for example replacement of oil, filters and regular control, so the air conditioner needs regular service. Since air conditioning is not a hermetic system, it can annually on average leak out around 86g cooling gas. After a while, the amount of gas that remains in the air conditioning system is not sufficient for optimal air system.

For optimal performance of the air conditioning system you need to do following:

Every 12 months
Integrity Check:

  • High and low pressure
  • Outlet temperature in the central exhaust duct in the cabin
  • Time switching on and off of the compressor
  • The functionality of the fan air conditioner condenser
  • System for scheduling air and internal air circulation

Visual inspection:

  • Condition and tension of drive belt
  • Soiling and damage of the condenser
  • Search for possible gas leak with the help of a UV system

Every 24 months:

  • Replacement of filter drier
  • Recycling gas and vacuum systems for climate, change the oil in the system
  • Filling the car air conditioners with prescribed amount of refrigerant gas
  • Measure the outlet temperature in the central exhaust duct in the cabin