Croatian society of quality acknowledgment for Puric

The Croatian Society for Quality awarded its traditional acknowledgment to the HDK Charter on the celebration of the 16th Croatian Quality Day in Zagreb on 6 November 2018, among others, by Purić d.o.o.

Winners in the category – Charter for the Promotion and Application of Quality in the Croatian Economy

1. Purić d.o.o., Samobor
2. Vetropack Straža d.d., Hum on the sutli
3. Financial Agency (FINA), Zagreb
3. DUNI, non-ferrous metal foundry, Kumrovec

Croatian society of quality acknowledgment for Puric

The Charter was awarded to Purić in accordance with the following criteria for evaluation:

1. Introduced quality management systems, environment, etc., system integration, orientation towards business excellence

2. Business results (positive growth trend, business expansion, new product development)

3. Quality Implementation and Contribution to Society (Customer Rating, New Methods and Tools in Management, Quality Policy)